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Devices on Arduinos

If there's a device which is not easily connected to an Arduino using standard pin configurations, we may support it explicitly with a Script. Like the pin configurations Scripts, the Arduino Devices Scripts are located in the Arduino Script directory. They are in the Devices Script subdirectory.

Like the pin configuration Scripts, the Devices Scripts add terminals to your Arduino. However, unlike the pin configuration Scripts, which only add terminals representing Arduino I/O pins, these Scripts add terminals representing Devices. So for example, running a Devices Script for a temperature/humidity sensor will add temperature and humidity output terminals to your Arduino Device.

Since Devices Scripts add terminals to an Arduino, there can be name collisions (two Scripts adding two devices with terminals of the same name). To avoid name collisions, all Devices Scripts have terminals with redefinable names.

Here are the specific Arduino devices which we support.

Adafruit Devices

Grove/Seeed Devices

ProtoVoltaics Devices

Wicked Device Devices

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