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Here are some interesting projects built using the Virtual Wiring system. Enjoy!.

  • Blynk Home Automation - a simple home automation system controlled and monitored by the Blynk smartphone application.

  • Frozen Food Store Monitor - a store system which monitors freezer temperature, basement wetness, and power. It also optionally supports intruder detection.

  • Home Automation System - a home automation system built with 3 Raspberry Pis and 4 Ruggeduinos (Arduinos). Featured in the 2014 July/August, #5 edition of Raspberry Pi Geek magazine.

  • INSTEON Alarm System - an easy to use INSTEON based security system which sends and responds to email or text messages.

  • Low Cost Alarm System - a complete security system which uses easy to find, low cost components that sends and responds to email or text messages.

  • Omniwheel Bot - build a wireless bot that moves in any direction using omniwheels.

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