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ZWave Thermostats

There are many kinds of thermostats. They all have a common lower level feature set, and most have additional features. Generally, thermostats are different between manufacturers, so every thermostat make and model requires its own Script. The thermostat Scripts all begin with "Thermostat" and are followed by the manufacturer name and model.

If you have a Z-Wave thermostat which does not have a thermostat Script, using a Script for a different thermostat is a reasonable alternative. All the features of your thermostat may not be supported, but its basic functions will most likely work.

Installing a Thermostat

Create a Thermostat Device by running one of the thermostat Scripts. The parameters for the thermostat Scripts are:

address :

port_location :

  • this parameter is only necessary when there is more than one Z-Wave network. The port_location is the USB port of the network's Z-Wave controller. It is used to differentiate Z-Wave networks. In *nix systems, this is in the /dev directory with a name like /dev/ttyUSB0 or /dev/cu.usbserial-00001004. Type "ls -lrt /dev/*" for hints. On Windows systems, the location is COMx where "x" is a number (1,2,3, etc.).

Some thermostats do not generate events when they experience changes of state or temperature while others do. When a thermostat does not generate change events, the system has no way of knowing of state changes, and it may not present up to date thermostat temperatures and settings. To work around this issue, a system can poll a thermostat for its state. Thermostats that require polling have an additional "poll_interval" parameter, which specifies the amount of time between polls.

poll_interval :

  • the time, in seconds, between polls by the system for state updates. Generally, times of one to 2 minutes work best.


To add a Thermostat Device to a single network system with ID "thermostat", Z-Wave address 7, and a poll interval of 90 seconds, run the thermostat Script with the following parameters:

id: "thermostat"
address: 7
poll_interval: 90

Thermostat Devices

Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat

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