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Threshold Device

The Threshold Device compares an input to a preconfigured numeric value. It is similar to a Comparator Device with its "minus" input set to the preconfigured value. Like the Comparator Device, the Threshold Device has hysteresis. Hysteresis is applied between the preconfigured value and the Threshold Device's input.

The Threshold Device has an "in" input and an "out" output. In its default (0 hysteresis) configuration, if the "in" input is greater than the configured threshold, the output will be on; if the "in" input is less than the configured threshold, the output will be off. If the "in" input is the same as the threshold, the output won't change - it keeps whatever value it had previously.

Creating a Threshold Device

A Threshold Device is created by running the Threshold Script. The Threshold Script takes the following parameters:

  • threshold : the value that the "in" input is compared with.
  • hysteresis : a number value which sets the hysteresis value between the "in" input and the "threshold" value. A value of zero means there will be no hysteresis.

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