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Logic Devices

Computers are built with Logic devices. Logic devices are memories, registers, And gates, counters, and accumulators, to name a few.

Logic devices are binary devices, understanding only two types of values. Sometimes, people refer to these values as true/false, 1/0, and on/off. In the Virtual Wiring system, Virtual Logic Devices use on/off values.

Logic devices can be active or passive. Active devices change their values by themselves, and passive devices need to be stimulated to change their values.

Logic devices can be stateful or combinational. Stateful devices have memory, and combinational devices have outputs which are purely a function of their inputs. Computer memories are stateful devices, as are single bit devices such are registers, and multi-bit devices such as counters. Combinational devices are usually simple devices such as inverters, And gates, and Or gates.

Active Logic Devices

Combinational Logic Devices

Sequential (Stateful) Logic Devices

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