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DLP Device Shared Methods

These methods are available to most DLP Devices. Typically, they are useful when configuring DLP devices and for low level device access.

write_read Method

The write_read method writes string of characters to a DLP device and returns any values it reads. For each character it writes, it reads back a possible return value. Writes are useful for configuring your device and for configuring the pin modes of your device. Output mode, output values, input modes may all be configurable by writing to your device. To see the possible configuration values and their meanings, consult your device's data sheet.

The write_read method takes a string of characters as its argument, so it is possible to write more than one value at a time. For example, writing a value of "123" is equivalent to calling the the write_read method three times with the values "1", "2", "3".

To call the write_read method, use your Console, or call it from a Script. If you want to write a value of "AS" to a device called "dlp", type:

run_script("", text:"write\_read \"AS\"", on_device:"dlp")

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